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New Art On Our Walls

Stop by and check out the new digital art photography of Hillsboro Photographer, Chuck Riley.

Chuck Riley
Born in 1939 in Southern Illinois and raised on a small farm, he now lives and works in the town of Hillsboro near Portland, Oregon.

Chuck Riley works with his photographic images to express the emotions one feels when observing the subject in life. As an example, his "Electric Musician" series gives one the feeling that music is radiating from the very being of the musicians, while his "Paris Nightlife" series sometimes evokes feelings of loneliness or even of sadness.

"I want my photographs to be something you can live with and see something new every time you pass by one"

Chuck is a self taught photographer who gravitated to photography after studying painting under internationally known painters Larry Bernstein at Southern Illinois University, and Mel Katz at Portland State University. He still paints in various mediums, but his concentration is on the art of photographic imagery.

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