*** *** Primrose & Tumbleweeds: Newport Seafood & Wine Festival

Newport Seafood & Wine Festival

The Newport Seafood & Wine Festival celebrated their 35th year of bringing great Oregon Wines together in one beautiful place. We enjoyed a great day yesterday of visiting with winemakers and tasting some amazing Oregon Wines. Note to myself for next year - dress warmly! It was freezing in those tents.

We were able to meet and chat with several of the wineries that we have not yet been able to connect with. We look forward to adding these wines to the store and restaurant very soon and sharing what we have learned about them with you. I was glad to see that several of the wineries are starting to see the increased desire for wines such as Tempranillo. There was more Oregon Pinot Noir than you could possibly taste in one day and so it was refreshing to see some other varieties offered. I tasted some really nice Oregon Pinot Gris and Oregon Port too.

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