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Primrose Pairings

Our Next Food & Wine Pairing Experience
May 20, 2017

Enjoy a multi course experience featuring seasonal dishes thoughtfully prepared with locally harvested ingredients and paired with local wines

This is a great opportunity to explore how the flavors of food and wine can compliment each other and change your
dining experience

Our Primrose Pairings events are typically six courses with 3 or 4 different wines to pair

Options are available for vegetarian and other simple dietary requests

A great value - just $45 per person

Primrose Pairings is a multi course food and wine pairing experience.  Enjoy locally harvested seasonal ingredients, thoughtfully prepared and paired with delicious wines  Advance tickets are required  

  menu options will include vegetarian and no restrictions

we are happy to accommodate simple dietary requests when possible 

 please request at time of ticket purchase